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Yo! i’ve been working on a project entitled¬†"I’m On My Way…" and i’m hella excited about it because i’ve always wanted to look at least a little official with my music. I used to rack my head about vocal qualities (I still do) because quality means so much to me because in a way it can make or break a work of art. This will be the first project where i feel like i’m doing what i need to do (I think). I could only dream about having an actual album cover, music visuals, & original production…special thanks to Tu Do and Hnin Nie for making those goals come true! It has always meant so much to me that i kind of succeed some of that and this time i have some of that even though i had to experience some ups & downs to receive that stuff….but that’s the journey, right? In this project i’ll put all that i can into it…meaning the thoughts, obstacles and adventures i’ve been through so far in my life. I’ve always enjoyed art so i will be leaving that all over this project and even some straight up beats to vibe out with because i want you to get to know me through my music and get to chill at the same time….All of this will be musically backed by my team mate Justin Bright which is awesome because i musically started out with this talented man and he helped me build myself as an artist since late 2009 so with his production mixed with mine makes me hella hype to continue working on this project. I plan on finishing this tape before summer so I hope that anyone who gets this album when it drops enjoys the fuck out of it…it’ll mean so much.

With love, Thank you.

- Marc McFly

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